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Ann Andersson
Harrievägen 268
244 91 Kävlinge
Phone +46762-80 50 65

The person behind the prefix Eve´s INK  is me, Ann Andersson, and I live in Kävlinge, near Malmö in the south of Sweden. I live there with my husband, two children and our dogs. My husband is a succesful breeder of Irish Wolfhound under the prefix Keltair. We have had dogs of various breeds and breed groups. We are genuinely interested in all dogs, but my heart beats the strongest for the Flatcoats.

I work as a school teacher here in Kävlinge. My spare time is devoted to dog training. Besides our own dogs, I also help others with their dogs. I am an  licensed instructor in both the Spaniel and Retriever Club and the Swedish Working Hound Club. I also operate as a test manager for the Working Hound Club were we test the mental abillitys in dogs.  I also hold courses, training and camps in retrieving and tracking when time is given. I have been chosen (together with five others) to work with dog mentality towards Breed clubs and other organizations as a representative for the Swedish Kennel club.

Kennel Eve’s INK had the first litter in 2006, but I (Ann) has previously bred 3 litters under another prefix. My foundation bitch ”Tuva” SE VCH LPII Kartegårdens Dancing Eve had her three litters during my previous prefix, so I wanted to include something from her into the new kennel since it’s on her as much of the kennel is built. To me, the name has a strong meaning and history. ”Eve” is out of Tuva´s name, and INK is a symbol for that it is written in ink – to last forever!  Tuva was a great bitch to start with. She was the mother of BIS-winners as well  as winners in both tracking, retrieving and obedience. She also had a daughter that was a member of the International Rescue Team!

I later bought a bitch from kennel Moonstruck in Skåne, ”SE VCH Moonstruck Spring Fling” and we gave her the name ”Inka” so she had to be a part of the kennel name also. 2011 Inka had her first litter of 4 females that turned out very well. One puppy is now a police dog with the drug enforcement in Norway. I kept Eve’s INK White Wedding ”Wendy” from this litter. Inka had her second litter of five males and one female. Many of the pups from this litter have already made good results in both working and shows.
Her second litter sired by Toffedreams Switchback ”Gerber” was just as good with very
beautiful pups. Eve’s INK Karaoke Overkill ”Chilli” is a dog out of this litter that I really want to breed to one of my bitches in the future.

We also had the privilege to have a litter by Tuva’s daughter ”Indra” SE VCH LPII Black Mariners Flashdance who was born in 2006, with six brown and black puppies.  In 2008, I had a litter of another Tuva daughter, ”Bella” SE VCH Black Mariners Ragtime Belle, where I saved Klura at home. Bella also had a litter in 2010 with only 2 puppies and where I have kept the breeding priviligies on a boy named Devil.

I have also brought in another bloodline into the kennel through ”Thea” –  Flat Gardens Dorothea XV from the Flat Garden kennels in Norway. Thea had a litter in 2011 with 10 black and brown puppies. We are very happy with this litter who is skilled both in the woods and great looking.

From the 4th generation of my beloved  Tuva I kept Eve’s INK  Argue for Justice ”Lykke” Her litter is the first were I combine my different lines from home bred dogs.
Nino – Eve´s INK  Nine Inch Nails is a son of Thea and Klura is a grandchild of Tuva and daughter of Bella.

Soon we will have the 5th generation of my beloved Tuva in the welpingbox by Eve’s INK Riddle me this”Gissa”. She is a bitch from the Nino- Kluras litter. She and her litter mates really lived up to my expectations. One bitch is in training to become a dog working for the Swedish customs. The litter are working good in both hunting, tracking and shows.
Gissa her self is both beautiful and a really good workingdog. She is now bred to SEU(u)Ch NOUCh Moonstruck Hazelnut ”Pix” who is related to our late Inka.

We have also brought in two more bitches from kennel Moonstruck on the same bloodlines as our late and beloved Inka. Moonstruck Home Sweet Home”Britta” by GBSCH Broomsward Hugo Boss by Gemswin ”Hugo” and JWW-15 Moonstruck Macadamia ”Sonja” and we also have Moonstruck Let’s Dance ”Imma” at home who is by SEU(u)Ch NOUCh Moonstruck Hazelnut ”Pix” and Moonstruck Save the last dance ”Dansa”.  We are very happy with our newcomers. The have already made satisfying results in the showrings.

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